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Life after Dr. Yunus’ Visit to London

For the first time ever did I organise an event with a ‘blind date’ and someone who gets ‘mobbed’ for photos to be taken and dedications to be written when signing their book. But then I’ve never organised an event for a Nobel Peace Prize winner before!

Fortunately, his lecture at the LSE gave us an idea of what to expect.

YuNuSphere records what is taking place in the wake of his visit.

The Forum for Stable Currencies site has been revamped, and I am recording Forum related news here.

Participating in the Entrepreneurial (R)evolution

Thanks to most remarkable Chris Macrae I was not only given a copy of the new book by Dr. Yunus but also participated in one day of the World Entrepreneurship Summit.

Hence I am now more confident than ever that my long cherished project of a ‘Towards a Sustainable Investment Network‘ will come true.

What a relief!

Creating a World without Poverty

Chris Macrae is a remarkable ‘world entrepreneur‘ who also publishes the World Economist. His father Norman Macrae wrote most editorials for The Economist between 1949 and 1988 with astounding predictions.

With his strength in ‘brand marketing’, Chris has discovered that Dr. Muhammad Yunus is the best ‘collaboration brand’ for building a sustainable world and therefore sponsors and promotes him and his work extensively.

Creating a World without Poverty – Social Business and the Future of Capitalism is the latest book by Dr. Yunus who, as a professor of economics created the Grameen bank for microcredit with now over 20,000 employees in many countries and some two dozen other organizations in the Grameen Family.

I cannot but respond to this call for social and ethical action and have applied for some books to set up a ‘peer book club’. Do email me if you want to play along – together with ‘pioneers of change‘ and people who ‘turn up their courage‘.

The Bank of England – Ten Years On

On Thursday, June 14th, 2007, I heard Gordon Brown give evidence before the Treasury Select Committee. What a sad performance. It left me unusually depressed for a few days.

The Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England – Ten Years On is the topic of the current enquiry of the Committee – but he initiated the move as soon as Labour was in power.

And now he wallows in its ‘success’ which he measures by inflation and unemployment.

Why is inflation blindly accepted at face value?

Why do none of the Committee members question this short term measure? Instead they visit other Central Banks in the US and Canada. And Mr Brown also brags with being in line with the Fed and the European Central Banks.

As a professor of economics said to me: it’s a cartel of central banks that we’re up against

And Gordon Brown will get away with it in his self-gratifying and arrogant style.

In order NOT to get depressed, it is worth watching this video which says brilliantly in poetry what I’ve found in other ways: the author Paradox calls it The Matrix – which was most gratefully received from Russian / Cypriot friend and Multi Media Wizard David Edmond.

19.03. 07: No 10 Writing

The BBC program on Tony Blair’s life said he wanted to increase public spending when Labour came into power but Gordon Brown didn’t. The PM had also just invited some citizens to give them the feeling of participating in ‘policy’.

So I sent him copies of my submission and got a note from S. CAINE:

The Prime Minister has asked me to thank you for your recent letters and the enclosure.

He hopes that you will understand that, as the matter you rais is the responsibility of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, he has asked that your letter be forwarded to that Department so that they may reply to you direct on his behalf.

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No need to apologise.


No need to apologise. We look forward to your supplementary memorandum.


Unfortunately, this supplementary memo was NOT published in the final report.

19.03.07 My sincere apologies

Dear Lis,

I am very sorry indeed to have caused bad feelings and a misunderstanding.

As I mentioned, I am taking your offer of a supplementary memorandum so seriously that I’m asking our lawyer for advice again. She recommended the Committee in the first place, which happened to coincide with the Stern inquiry.

Last week I attended not only the All Party Group for Climate Change but also the Climate for Change conference of Women in Science and Technology where grandmothers were appealed to as carers for future generations.

Forgive me for having let my German / Slavic passion (and pain) for our planet allowed me to explain my interest in the Committee’s work.

It was just background information.

Yours sincerely,


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