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Dr. Yunus @ St. James’s, Piccadilly, Sat. Feb 16, 2.30pm

Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus will speak at St. James’s Church, 197 Piccadilly, London on Saturday, February 16th at 2.30pm. His latest book Creating a World without Poverty – Social Business and the Future of Capitalism was recently published in the US and the UK and is already on position 18 of the New York Times bestseller list.

After having been invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Dr. Yunus comes to London for a series of engagements. At St. James’s his talk will be responded to by distinguished Londoners, including:

Aubrey Meyer, promoter of Contraction & Convergence, a global, equal-rights-based framework for the arrest of greenhouse gas emissions.

To book your ticket (£6, conc. £4) please visit BeTheChange.

May the Press Release also find the right echoes.

Green Credit is for Governments anywhere what microcredit is for women in Bangladesh: Credit without Collateral.

That’s the Yunus shift of paradigms at quite a few institutional levels.

Women in Science, Engineering and Technology

On March 14th I attended a remarkable conference ‘Climate for Change’ at the British Museum. It was organised by the UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology.

Besides feeling confirmed and reassured on many levels, I found the presentations by Dr Sally Uren of the Forum for the Future and by Paul Simpson of the Carbon Disclosure Project most interesting.

Especially the cartoon on ‘market mechanisms’ as the way of buying yourself a ‘green conscience’…

James Lovelock at the All Party Group for Climate Change

What a great man to listen to on March 12th thanks to Colin Challen MP and his All Party Group administered by the Carbon Neutral Company! I heard him above all

  • lament about science being fragmented
  • climate change data being based on geo-physical rather than biological data
  • politicians having to listen more to scientists…

When I posed my public question, he suggested to talk more privately which I did.

The subject was the Climate Monitoring Project that I try to get funded. Since he is one of the judges of the Richard Branson prize for which I wrote it up, there is another ray of hope!

Secure Energy and a Stable Climate?

Prof. Jim Skea OBE gave a remarkable overview of the links between energy generation and greenhouse gas emissions at Birkbeck College last night.

When I asked him about statistics relating to industry and business rather than individual households, he suggested that different measures would be required.

That’s why I now put the link to 3D Metrics on the side. For my ‘3dM’ software designs can help! They can contribute to the analysis and interpretation of

  • — data describing complex systems
  • — relating to short, medium and long time intervals
  • — by ‘layering’ multi-dimensional data and
  • — by using innovative forecasting mechanisms.

This series of six lectures on Conservation and Sustainability has been organised by the Ecology and Conservation Studies Society.

Lord Lamont of Lerwick

Last night I attended a meeting of the Economic Research Council wher the former chancellor Norman Lamont was talking. His title was “Is Inflation Targeting and Independence of the Bank of England the end of history?”

I was most impressed for he knew about the importance of MONEY (as CASH) and he also knew that ‘narrow money’ ceased to be published. When I gave him a copy of my submission, he said he’d read it.

I shall follow up.

Treasury Select Committee – 01 / 23 / 007

What a line-up of ‘witnesses’ covering economics, aviation, investment capital and sustainable energy. Details are here.

All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group – 01 / 22 / 007

This group has clearly grown under the chairmanship of Colin Challen MP since I first attended. Kevin Anderson from the Tyndall Centre gave as passionate a presentation as Aubrey Meyer whose presentations of the Contraction & Convergence framework keep changing in sophistication of technology while staying the same in terms of passion and commitment.

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