Participating in the Entrepreneurial (R)evolution

Thanks to most remarkable Chris Macrae I was not only given a copy of the new book by Dr. Yunus but also participated in one day of the World Entrepreneurship Summit.

Hence I am now more confident than ever that my long cherished project of a ‘Towards a Sustainable Investment Network‘ will come true.

What a relief!


2 responses to “Participating in the Entrepreneurial (R)evolution

  1. Have you considered writing more about green investing? For any readers interested in this subject they might like to know that they can get the latest global green and ethical news at

    Best wishes, Ron Robins

  2. What I wrote about ‘green investing’ aims at a ‘Sustainable Investment Network’. This is software to be used by ‘green traders’ who work for ‘green fund managers’.

    But I have to start with raising funds to pay programmers to develop the software.

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