Is Green Growth Possible?

An Analysis of Environmental Economics from a Mathematical Perspective

This policy report is proposed as a collaborative effort after I spoke with Prof Mark Maslin from UCL. He put ‘global warming’ and ‘global poverty’ on the same slide when I heard him at Birkbeck College. He has created

Ø UCLEI – the Environment Institute of University College London Ø Sabine K McNeill as the independent data analyst and software solution provider.

and published

Ø Are We On Target?UK Greenhouse Gas Emissions was published by UCLEI: and made the Guardian’s front page on March 6th, 2007 the day we talked.

His policy report analysed data published by Government and concludes that their own targets won’t be met.

The Green Credit report illustrates the financial mechanism for Government to practise green governance.

The Green Growth report will demonstrate how the financial sector can continue business as usual and how Government can fuel the economy financially by raising GDP without increasing inflation.