Creating a World without Poverty

Chris Macrae is a remarkable ‘world entrepreneur‘ who also publishes the World Economist. His father Norman Macrae wrote most editorials for The Economist between 1949 and 1988 with astounding predictions.

With his strength in ‘brand marketing’, Chris has discovered that Dr. Muhammad Yunus is the best ‘collaboration brand’ for building a sustainable world and therefore sponsors and promotes him and his work extensively.

Creating a World without Poverty – Social Business and the Future of Capitalism is the latest book by Dr. Yunus who, as a professor of economics created the Grameen bank for microcredit with now over 20,000 employees in many countries and some two dozen other organizations in the Grameen Family.

I cannot but respond to this call for social and ethical action and have applied for some books to set up a ‘peer book club’. Do email me if you want to play along – together with ‘pioneers of change‘ and people who ‘turn up their courage‘.


One response to “Creating a World without Poverty

  1. Happy New Year wishes to you Sabine and associates. Having noted this post on your site about Dr. Yunu’s good works, I thought I would provide a link (click on the link for website associated with this post) to the laudable contribution by “The Green Children” who use music to ‘spread the message’, and whom I discovered through my own YouTube activities.

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