About this Site

Green Credit for Green Purposes‘ begins with a submission to the Treasury Select Committee.

This submission is the result of organising over 50 meetings of the ‘Forum for Stable Currencies‘ at the House of Lords since 1998.

Besides making POLICY recommendations, it also proposes the use of innovative SOFTWARE.

Software designs are the outcome of 10 years of independent research into mathematics and metrology which I call ‘3D Metrics‘.

3D Metrics is a software framework for measuring new qualities in science, finance and economics.

My new mathematical methods allow for

1. visualizing complex data systems by ‘layering’ different dimensions which means discovering new correlations between different data sets

2. forecasting over short, medium and long time intervals which means discovering new patterns of trends and developments

3. analysing digital images such that they can be re-visualized and used as a non-destructive testing method.

This means understanding time, money, dimensions, measuring, modelling and visualizing.

It also means bringing ‘visual order’ to complex systems – ideal for financial, economic and climate data.