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TWO THIRDS of our Earth are desertifying – but this Process can be Reversed!

13 03 05 DesertsThis video is one of the many excellent TED Talks:

Biologist Allan Savory is talking here about how to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change.

It is clearly not ‘authorised knowledge’ but ‘the unthinkable’:

  1. to address climate change and desertification
  2. to demystify the effects of animal herds
  3. to use holistic management and planned grazing of animals
  4. by using livestock to mimic nature.

Twenty-two minutes worth watching to give hope to the our world’s most challenging problems:

Our Submission to the Stern Inquiry

At long last the Committee’s Fourth Report came out on February 5th and all our 63 paragraphs of “Green Credit for Green Purposes” are part of the publication.

I have yet to learn who reads the £24 document – besides all of the people who gave evidence and therefore got a free copy.

And I have to discover the value of our submission in this document.

Since the Yunus Event at St. James’s, I begin to talk about ‘climate urgency’ and ‘climate capitalism‘.

Our current Early Day Motion is entitled “Green Credit for Green Growth” but so far only 11 MPs have signed.

In the UK, WriteToThem makes it easy to ask your MP to sign. Are you happy to click through?

Financing Adaptation to Climate Change

Thanks to Jamie Brown from the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy, I received the Call for Concepts below.

Call for Concepts by UNDP – the United Nations Development Program

James Lovelock at the All Party Group for Climate Change

What a great man to listen to on March 12th thanks to Colin Challen MP and his All Party Group administered by the Carbon Neutral Company! I heard him above all

  • lament about science being fragmented
  • climate change data being based on geo-physical rather than biological data
  • politicians having to listen more to scientists…

When I posed my public question, he suggested to talk more privately which I did.

The subject was the Climate Monitoring Project that I try to get funded. Since he is one of the judges of the Richard Branson prize for which I wrote it up, there is another ray of hope!