13.03.07 Asking to Meet Chairman John McFall MP

Dear Treasury Committee Clerk

When I handed our submission “Green Credit for Green Purposes” to Chairman McFall MP, he said he’d read it.

Since then, I have attended a number of meetings and appreciated his chairing style and how the Committee takes its job seriously.

However, I have also learned that we will not get an oral hearing to present our views and recommendations.

Since our lawyer advised us to seek parliamentary scrutiny via the Treasury Select Committee, I would appreciate if we could discuss our issues with Chairman McFall MP.

One of the members of the Forum for Stable Currencies is now in Canada but used to work with Kerry McCarthy MP and Andy Love MP. Mr Love MP told him that access to the Committee is via the Chairman.

Would you therefore please schedule a meeting with Chairman McFall MP?

As a mathematician and systems analyst of German origin, my language may be too technical for political parlance, but I can always ask our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP to join us.

Yours gratefully in advance,


Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies

Author, Green Credit for Green Purposes


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