Lobbying and Campaigning

It’s ‘missionarising’ in either case: you want others to hear you, to understand you, to think the way you do – if not follow your thinking, directives or even orders.

Submissions to the Treasury Select Committee ask for ‘recommendations for action’. But what will it take for action to be taken?

First, it seems to take influence and authority: the authority of an institution or of expertise.

Second, it seems to take a process of approval: debate and agreement or voting for that matter.

In any case I know that I’m in the right place when I’m attending Treasury Select Committee meetings and I spoke to the right person when I handed my documents to the Chairman John McFall MP. Does he take his job of ‘parliamentary scrutiny’ seriously! And does he put people into their place! It’s a joy to watch him and his Committee in action.

At this stage, my question is: how influential are the resulting reports?

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